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 Maximize The Moment, T.D. Jakes, taken from various pages

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Maximize The Moment, T.D. Jakes, taken from various pages Empty
PostSubject: Maximize The Moment, T.D. Jakes, taken from various pages   Maximize The Moment, T.D. Jakes, taken from various pages EmptyWed Jan 16 2008, 14:54

Beberapa paragraf yang gua comot dari buku Maximize The Moment

Like an airplane, we can only carry a certain amount of weight. If we have too much baggage on board, we will be ineffective and we won’t be able to soar.

Our time in this life is very short, indeed. In light of this, the time we do have become very precious – every hour seems vital, every second should be lovingly savored. Recognising what a valuable commodity time is affects our approach to life, love, and even business. Every moment that you live in is an irreplaceable recource with a limited supply. No matter how important, beautiful, wealthy, or powerful you may be, time waits on no one.

Life is an irrevocable trust. You take it as it comes, and through wise use of your time, you can avoid repeating old mistakes. Although no one can change their past, thank God you can leave it all behind. You and I must maximize each day. We must do this not because this life is all we have. No, we maximize the moments of this life as a runner runs his race, knowing that this particular race cannot and will not ever be repeated in quite the same way again. Regardless of what will come next, this race will not run again. So I must embrace this race and make the most of time to reach my destination.

I must cast my past cares to the wind and stretch my sweat – drenched legs into the stride of a young roe and run without looking back to see what was left behind. Nor can I have anxiety about the next lap’s turning. I must run with the next step in mind and that step alone. It is that step that I cannot afford to miss. If I trip there, I may fall and never get up. You see, these are our laps to run, and they will soon be behind us rather than before. So today we must run with the awareness that each lap, in fact each step, does count.


It is unwise to surround yourself only by people who think just like you. You do need to be in harmony, but there is a difference between harmony, which is derived from two distinctly different notes that blend together, and unison, the same note made at the same time. Harmony is far more appealing to the ear than unison. Your relationships should be harmonious without being in unison.

Never walk with anyone anywhere who has no passion for the thing you are going to do together. Your basic purpose has to be the same or your progress will be impeded. “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” (Amos 3: 3)

A common past is good. It unites your yesterday. But common goals are better: They unite your tomorrows.

How does this relationship, this situation, this decision affect the overall outcome of my predestined purpose?
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Maximize The Moment, T.D. Jakes, taken from various pages
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